Saturday, September 11, 2010

Raymond Usher-ed Into 2010

Probably one of the most talented R&B music artists in the world, Usher Raymond IV, better known as Usher, definitely knows how to come back into the music scene, club scene, and the public eye with style, sophistication and captivation that remains relative.

I've been a long time fan of Usher since his days of My Way and 8701, then several years later, of his  Confessions and Here I Stand album. Usher's ability to exude a smooth and sexy swagger draws you to his unparalleled talent. Whether it's a dance off to show off his incredible footwork or his voice that gives you the "good" chills, there is something about this artist that remains intriguing.

With his newest album Raymond vs Raymond, which was released on March 30th, Usher has returned  once again to celebrate his talent and love for music and to give his fans an evolved Usher, with music all his own, but with an upbeat rhythm that just feels right and music that is cohesive to the tunes on the air waves.

In addition to his current album, Usher released his Versus album, on August 24th, which is a compilation of eight songs that were apart of the Raymond vs Raymond Deluxe Edition, but then soon after were turned into its own separate album. One song that became a hit before the album's release is "DJ Got Us Fallin in Love," featuring Pitbull and currently one of my favorite upbeat, dance songs for 2010. If you haven't already seen this, check out the video to this latest single from Usher's Versus album. Enjoy!

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