Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Ultimus Gingerbread Domus

Excuse the latin, but it had to be that dramatic for what you see above. Every year, we come across a holiday we all know as Christmas. During this eventful day or series of days, depending on how you celebrate, families and friends around the world engage in festivities full of food, drinks, laughters, and, best of all, the exchange of gifts with one another.  

Ideally, when buying presents for one another, it is usually about the thought that counts (or so you would think). I'm sure the majority of people like to get more bang for their buck and to buy things that feel really special and that touch the hearts of those they give such presents to. 

Even the wealthy like to buy things that feel special and exciting, so it comes as no surprise that luxury retailers like Neiman Marcus felt the need to up the ante to allow adults to purchase grand gifts for children. One particular gift that made my eyes bulge in disbelief and had me salivate for a quick second was the ultimate edible gingerbread playhouse by Dylan's candy that is being offered through Neiman Marcus this holiday season. And yes, all $15,000 of it can be eaten to your child's desire. Money may not buy you love, but it can buy sweet, yummy things this Christmas.  

(Photo: Courtesy of Neiman Marcus)
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