Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rihanna "Red-anna" Gets Loud!

On November 16th, Rihanna released her fifth studio album Loud and make no mistake about the album cover, it screams "LOUD" from a distance with Rihanna's vibrant red hair bleeding off the cover and her bright red smoochers lusciously painted. Therefore, it is only appropriate to nickname this look "Red-anna."

This red-haired bombshell has finally returned with her new look and an attitude that celebrates her femininity. With long locks and empowering tunes, sure to make a woman feel good and desirable, Rihanna provides her female fans with a more upbeat , confident album.

A new, vivacious Rihanna is expressed in each song, showing that she has risen out of the dark period of her life, after the media focused on her domestic encounter with Chris Brown ever since February of 2009. Coincidentally, her last album, Rated R, expressed an aggressive side of Rihanna that portrayed emotions she may have been feeling at the time.

Fortunately, the opposite can be said for Loud, where songs like "S&M," "Raining Men," and "What's My Name" express a woman's confidence in herself as well as her search for a good man, beyond all the testosterone who cannot satisfy her needs. Overall, the Loud album is pretty good and evokes a happier mood. Enjoy this video for Rihanna's single "What's My Name" featuring Drake that was filmed in New York City:

(Video: Courtesy of YouTube, Photos: Courtesy of Google Images)
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