Sunday, December 5, 2010

GLEEming Star: Darren Criss

A new cast member of FOX's musical phenomenon, Glee, Darren Criss has struck the fancy of the show's fans, creating a lot of buzz with his amazing vocal talents and his adorable boy-like charm. Playing the character of Blaine, at the fictional rival school, Dalton Academy, Darren displays, both, his ability to sing and to act, which has made a positive stamp on his already rapidly growing career.

Originally born in San Francisco, California of Filipino and Irish decent, the 23 year-old sensation is grabbing the attention of fans through his soulful voice that encompasses a soothing, passionate, and charismatic sound. Addtionally, Darren's acting skills are not too bad either. His adorable smile and handsome looks seem to get you every time.

Playing the role of Blaine is Darren's biggest role so far. However, the character of  Blaine is not your "traditional" teenage, prep-school boy. Blaine is a homosexual male who befriends the recently "out of the closet" character Kurt (played by actor Chris Colfer) and becomes his confidant and, in many ways, Kurt's gay mentor. Blaine shows Kurt that being gay is acceptable in a high school setting like at Dalton Academy. Darren's character seems to have a recurring appearance on the show, helping Kurt through various social situations dealing with discrimination and bigotry. The show,  as a whole , addresses the varying issues of growing up in high school, combatting the negativity that many teenagers face in their day-to-day lives.

Thank Glee for discovering a burgeoning, talented young man. We will be sure to keep track of  Darren's career as the years progress. Be sure to check out Darren's EP album Human to get a taste of his soulful tunes.

Following are a couple of fave performances by Darren. One from a live performance at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, California and another of his cover of Train's "Hey Soul Sister" with the cast of young men from Dalton Academy on Glee.

(Photos: Courtesy of IMDb, Videos: Courtesy of YouTube)
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