Monday, November 17, 2008

Twilight has fallen upon us

If you haven't already read the book, let alone the series of Twilight books written by Stephanie Meyer, what are you waiting for? Hitting theaters this Friday, November 21st, is one of the highly anticipated movies by teens and young adults (and maybe some older adults). Twilight the movie is based on the the book written by Meyer that tells of a love story between an outcast, teenage girl, Bella (played by actress Kristen Stewart), and her love interest in an incredibly sexy and handsome vampire, Edward Cullen (played by actor Robert Pattinson). The best way to tell you about the book is for you to just read it. The book will melt your heart away. It will make you wishing for an Edward Cullen to come into your life and sweep you off your feet (or at least that is how all my friends and I feel).

I was mainly interested how Twilight costume designer Wendy Chuck dressed and styled the tall, dark, and fanged Edward Cullen character. In an interview with Wendy Chuck on, Chuck mentions "
I [she] wanted to impart in Edward the look of a modern day "Edwardian" gentleman in teen clothes that were suitable to not stand out too much at school. Some of my original choices of fitted pants and long jackets phased into well-fitted designer jeans, off the rack shirts that were tailored to fit in just the right way, a great classic black boot, American Apparel t-shirts and just the right kind of jacket."

She goes on to talk about what interested me the most: that heather grey peacoat. Where did they get it? It turns out that it was made specifcally for the film and makes its appearance quite often throughout the movie. Therefore, it must be I hear auctioning off? I will be prepared to bid! Other brands they used for costume were Diesel, G-Star, Guess, H&M, Forever 21, Miss Sixty, and Lucky.

Take a look at two clips where you see this coveted grey peacoat (well at least the one I I must say, overall, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) looks like he stepped out of a Prada look book.

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