Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mad Libs for AD's Libs

Confused? You're probably wondering, 'what in the hell is he talking about?!'
First off, as we all should know, the U.S. economy and many others around the world have gone through, what many would like to refer to as, a "recession/depression." Personally, it's more like a period of being robbed by the rich and not enough giving back to the poor. 

With our [U.S.] economy slowly bouncing back to its state of financial security, many corporations, businesses, companies, etc. have become cautious of their expenditures--making sure not to put money where it doesn't count or where it doesn't help them grow financially. Many individuals and companies, alike, have begun putting their investments towards expenses that not only help their interests, but also have become more responsible--the thing we should always be concerned about, more so, even now. It is about making a profit, but also progressing towards social, environmental, and economical responsibility.

Therefore, it comes as a bit of surprise that powerhouse publishing corporations have taken an interest in pursuing the "power of print." If you're not already in tune with the world of magazine, there is a huge movement towards the promotion of print magazine and its longevity in our society. Despite new mediums of communication that have revolutionized and challenged the print industry, primarily the power of the internet, publishing corporations believe that print lives on and that it will continue to do so for future generations. Thus, they bring us the "Power of Print" campaign, which began running in late Spring issues of this year. Above, an image of one creative that appears in magazines, illustrates the fresh and clever use of magazine covers to create, what feels like, a game of Mad Libs, providing readers an entertaining visual juxtaposition.

Although, many may argue that this does not help our environment, but only contributes to our growing waste of paper and the killing of our earth's trees, the same can be said for any office in America using paper to print anything from a simple note to a five-hundred page annual business report. However, the campaign does help to promote the idea that print magazines do provide individuals with something that the internet cannot--a physical, tangible, non-digital product that we all love to immerse ourselves in. Check out this campaign video posted on featuring publishing executives:

There is exists a bigger question. With the hundreds upon thousands of magazines produced around the world, edition after edition, country after country, city after city, niche after niche is this all that necessary? Charles Darwin would have agreed in my belief that only the best  print magazines should survive. We don't need that many cooks in the kitchen telling us what to wear, what to eat, where to travel, and how to love.

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