Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Things That Make You Drool: Women's Shoes

Can I just say that my mouth is drooling a bit?!?

Courtesy of my friend Gig (pronounced gee-g) and the Sigerson Morrison website, I am able to show you why I drool at women's shoes. The two pairs (above) are from Sigerson Morrison's Spring '09 Collection, meaning you should go and buy them. How can you resist a pair of great looking, not to mention, completely fabulous accessories for the lower extremities?

Clearly, it is apparent why HOTT shoes make straight men hot and bothered, asking women to keep them on during certain bedroom activities, and, why gay men invented the word "FIERCE!" (with two snaps of the fingers and a bend towards the back, you hags know what I'm talking about).

The design of women's shoes have so much creativity, pizazz, and sex appeal. I thought men's shoes got me going, but not more than women's. Plus, any woman who can strut their stuff in heels 4 inches and above deserves uber kudos. Work it out gurrrl!
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