Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Glee goes gaga for Gaga

If you're not already a Glee fan, then you should be. Focusing on teenagers in high school, with singing talents well beyond those who try out for American Idol, as part of the glee club, you learn to have an appreciation for musicals and showtunes and for the youth pursuing their dreams.

Viewers are usually captivated by Glee's smart and witty incorporations of pop culture music. Cover music from Madonna to U2 are revived in a way that can relate to audiences, young and old.

Tonight's episode will feature music from, who some call, the "new" Madonna of the current times, Lady Gaga and songs from KISS. Personally, I LOVE Lady Gaga, for, both, her lyrical bluntness and edgy, avant-garde style. In one word: fabulous!

If you're in the mood for some "bad romance" then tune-in tonight for the latest episode of Glee.

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