Sunday, May 23, 2010


Summer is fast approaching with blockbuster movies rolling out towards the later half of this month. However, I failed to gain prior knowledge of the SNL (Saturday Night Live) character MacGruber coming to the silver screen. What? When? Why?

Although a huge fan of SNL, I will say that some things are better left on the television set, like MacGruber. The SNL spoof off the late-80s show MacGyver sometimes disappoints. The most recent sketch with Betty White playing MacGruber's grandmother was probably the funniest one to date.

Without totally discrediting the upcoming release on May 21st, MacGruber, with reference to the below trailer, manages to execute some explosive action sequences, which will hopefully keep the audience engaged.

Let's hope that it does not totally disappoint and at least entertains theater goers.

MacGruber Trailer (source:
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