Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rihanna's a Rock Star

Debuting today, Rihanna's video Rock Star, shot in black and white, maintained the edgy, hardcore aesthetic the young Riri has been displaying since the release of her current album Rated R. Coincidence or not, after the Chris Brown throw down, Rihanna has definitely shown a new side of her celebrity image and style with sharp, hard hitting looks and barely clothed videos. No newcomer to the music scene, Rihanna is definitely showing a degree of evolution as she matures with age. I first began noticing her new style in her music video for Disturbia from her Good Girl Gone Bad album. Not only does Rock Star reinforce her aesthetic, but, the video also, puts a stamp on who Rihanna is for the time being: a sexy, hardcore b*&ch that takes no man's sh*t. Personally, I think it's pretty Glam! Enjoy her video (youtube.com):

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