Friday, July 9, 2010

Haute Couture...Du Jour!

Yesterday, marked the end of this year's Fall Haute Couture shows, but the pieces shown on the runway definitely signified a continuation of incroyable design and vision from the best, current couturiers of the world. With each thread pulled and tightened by hand and every detail given the most critical attention, couture has long been a true art of dressmaking and, in every sense of the word, defines the idea of bespoke--custom-made--clothing. 

Alexis Mabille I'm definitely a newly found fan of his work. For his collection this year, I fell in love with his voluminous, lace top-layer skirt accented with tulle trim. He seemed to focus on the idea of pieces and using a sense of mixing and matching them to create looks that took you from a casual french brunch to an evening at a fashion gala. 

Armani Privé He can do no wrong. This year, Armani presented the fashion elite with a show Tim Blanks quotes as a, "A Play on Amber." The feel of the show seemed like a throwback to 1920s fashion with suiting for women. Greta Garbo could have easily worn it in one of her films like The Divine Woman, or maybe if her movies were made now, it would seem even more fitting. I particularly jaw-dropped at this number that felt as though the 1920s Hollywood glam and the 1970s disco sizzle got together and had a baby. One word for this gown: Haute!

Chanel If there is one couturier who is immaculate in my eyes it is Coco's house. Under the visionary direction of Monsieur Lagerfeld, the pieces always maintain a luxurious and sophisticated design. However, it seems as though, Karl has deviated, just a bit, creating pieces that almost speak to the Haus of Gaga. The show also included floral, lace, and Indian inspired motifs that served to offer visual and colorful play for the season. My fave piece was this lace dress that exuded a sense of Parisian chic!

Christian Dior John Galliano has created a floral explosion! With models' heads wrapped with celophane and draped with gowns resembling the buds of flowers, Galliano created a fantasy world of colour and vibrance for the Fall season. Colours of tulips, birds of paradise, and peonies flooded the runway, engaging the audience in a visual treat that was sure to pleasure the right brain. The look that pleased my cones was this hot pink and black dress that felt very wearable, but very stylish and just right for the season. Pink and black, it's like so Fall! Ha.

Givenchy Riccardo Tisci is truly a couturier extraordinaire! In a bittersweet sense, Tisci takes me back to pieces from McQueen's Fall 2010 collection, but obviously in a manner and skill that is all his own. His attention to the smallest of details has allowed the collection to become an epoch fantasy of refined taste and style. I swoon at this fully embellished dress adorned with amazing beadwork, gold paillettes, and stones.

For the rest of the Haute Couture shows for Fall/Winter 2010-20011 visit
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