Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Christmas

In the fashion industry, story boards, styles, and products are always created way ahead of the seasons. In the fall, we are thinking about spring. In the spring, we are thinking about fall. And, in the summer, we are thinking about the Holidays (aka Christmas, for the believers in Christ). Therefore, as a nod to the upcoming day of gift giving and jolly celebration, I wanted to share one of the many beautiful things on my (faux) wish list.

Swarovski, known for their dazzling crystals, which have become decorative embellishments for anything from Victoria's Secret bras to dangling curtains, will be offering two necklaces that are sure to enchant the eye this holiday season. The necklaces, respectively the Gisele and the Meringue, are quite elegant pieces and very much a la Victorian period. Not overly pretentious and maintaining a sense of sophistication, these necklaces and others, alike, are sure to be a perfect stocking stuffer. Yes, a stocking stuffer. I'm tired of candy canes, give me glamourous candy I can wear! "I'm a material girl, living in a material world."

(Photos: Courtesy of Swarovski)
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