Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mueller Bros: Y

Eccentric in their own right, the Mueller brothers, or as they would like to brand themselves, The Brothers Mueller, display a sense of sophisticated quirkiness with an aesthetic that juxtaposes the essence of middle-class, 19th century men and the aristocratic life.

The brothers were brought to my attention during a casual conversation with a colleague about the drive and determination Generation Y possesses when it comes to their careers, ambitions, and creativity and the envy he has for the baby boomer offspring. Of the same generation, I found myself agreeing with him about his observations, realizing that my generation doesn't take no for an answer and expects results.

Like the Mueller brothers, much of this generation feeds on exploration and creativity, never limiting ourselves to one thing. The Mueller brothers, working for a major publication, have created this other endeavor, The Brothers Mueller, that nourishes their cultural intrigue. I found their work to be playful yet sophisticated and, overall, well executed. I especially loved their Infrathin: Installation, see image above from their site.

One thing is for sure, Gen Y keeps things interesting. 

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