Saturday, October 25, 2008

Election is in the air

It is no mystery that election fever is in the air. Because we are in times of "change," many people are gearing up more and more for the 2008 elections as the final day approaches.

I noticed on several websites the trend of being patriotic expressed through fashion. For instance, just below, promotes the election through baby apparel. Before it was just about posters and flyers and rallying together; and in addition to all that, we are now using our infants to promote the power to vote and to make a difference.

Other sites like (very top) and (below) are also on the bandwagon to promote the elections. Whether they are supporting McCain &
Palin or Obama & Biden or to purely promote the need to vote, fashion is definitely not showing an absence in patriotism.

Similarly, other sites like and (both shown below) are, in their own way, showing interest in the American spirit. So what's the message to take from all this? GO VOTE!!! =)

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