Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Calm before the Blackberry Storm...

Lately we have not been seeing anything great in cellular phone technology occurring that has been splashed all over the news from channel to channel. The last biggest buzz was the iPhone 3G and after that was the new color scheme and look of the iPod nano, if that. Otherwise, cellular techonology for the masses has been pretty calm...until now.

With so much hype about the innovation of touch screen, it is almost hard not to want such a feature for your cellular phone. Although, in the past, there has been versions of phones such as the Palm Treo that were an earlier form of touch screen technology, never has "touch" become so popular since the iPhone. From there, cellular carriers have been creating their own touch phone (i.e. Sprint's "Instinct" made by Samsung; Verizon's "Dare" made by LG; and T-Mobile's "G1").

However, Blackberry and Verizon Wireless have exclusively collaborated to form what could possibly be the phone that takes cellular customers by "storm." The new Blackberry Storm, Blackberry's version of the touch phone, is what some call the "iPhone's nightmare." Because Blackberry is widely used amongst corporate America as well as internationally, there is no telling how the Storm will revolutionize touch techonology. Additionally, it is clever how Blackberry has waited for all other major carriers to come out with their version of the touch phone before they release the Storm. Whatever the turnout may be, successful or not, there is definitely a buzz being created about the Storm and how it may possibly become the new "it" phone or "must-have" accessory since the introduction of the first generation of iPhones, several years ago.

To see what people are saying go to and click on the little icon to the right of the screen to watch the video (keep in mind this is off the verizon website, so it may be biased).

The Blackberry Storm release date has not been announced. However, there are commercials on television that have been giving audiences a teaser for what is to come (watch below):

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