Saturday, October 25, 2008


There is something about this magazine that makes you want to read it. I am still trying to put my finger on it. Could it be because it is new and fresh? Could it be because of the photography and art? Could it be the writing? Whatever it maybe Corduroy definitely has my attention. Officially launched in February of this year, Corduroy's corresponding website states, "the [Corduroy] magazine is based on the idea that a corduroy jacket never goes out of style." Is this true? Whether or not it is, the magazine has used this idea to translate its mission of what their objective is:

"...In the same way, we profile actors, musicians, designers and fine artists who aren’t looking to follow mainstream trends, but rather focused on creating something classic.

Part gallery space and part storybook, Corduroy is as much about quality writing as it is about strong design. There are equal pages dedicated to art as there are to writing. The result is a timeless publication that is kept and treasured. Whether on the coffee table or on the bookshelf, this is a magazine that, like a corduroy jacket, will remain with readers for years to come."


Although the magazine is fairly new, it has definitely started a following of celebrities and fashion insiders (i.e. Penn Badgely, Lisa Loeb,, Justin Nozuka, Rachel Dratch, Could this be a hipper version of Visionaire? We'll have to wait and find out. Until then, it is always great to appreciate new publications embarking on new takes on fashion and art in a new perspective.

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