Sunday, October 26, 2008

Old Hollywood returns

In WWD, last friday (October 24, 2008), an article discussed the cautious approach beauty was gearing towards during these weak economic times. They explained how "the uberpolished Forties-inspired makeup a hot trend." The article goes onto explain "the Forties were the height of 'austerity chic,' when people made to do with what they had. People will keep up certain appearances and economize on things that are less visible." Therefore, it is almost of no surprise on how this trend in makeup is also becoming a reflection of economic hardships and a return to more classic, traditional ways. Here are some red carpet images from

Therefore, has old hollywood glam made its apparent return into fashion? Although to many this may not be as obvious, it does look like the look and style of red lipstick, smooth, fair complexions, and gorgeous sleek hair waves is coming back. Much of old hollywood was experienced on the red carpet of this year's Primetime Emmy Awards. Whether it was the beautiful gown or the intense nostalgic make-up, it became clear that the glam of the 40s and 50s was back. With emphasis on the make-up, bold colors against fair skin showed that celebrities were embarking on less edgy looks and returning to softer, more elegant, but defining, feminine palettes.

When considering this idea of old hollywood glam, it is hard not to mention one woman who, for the most part, personifies the look as a whole: Dita Von Teese (shown below). She absolutely captures the old hollywood glam/pin-up girl idea.

To see how this look can be achieved, watch this video (from

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