Friday, June 17, 2011

ASFC Music Hype: Mike Taylor

If there is anything to keep the moods light, smiles on, and life fun this summer, it's music! Like New Yorkers, I bet many of you are waiting for the rain to end and for summer to finally come. Lately, we've been getting teasers of gorgeous warm nights and fresh, cool style on the streets. However, the weather resists in remaining consistent.

Forget all these thunderstorms and tornadoes, where is the cool breeze and the energizing sunshine?  I'm sure Mother Nature has her reasons, but it was a long winter, so give us a break. Hopefully summer comes in full swing by it's usual start date on the 21st of June.

In the meantime, to jump start the high temp activities, outings and travels, I highly recommend a recently released mixtape From The Stars by artist Mike Taylor. Coming out of Philadelphia, this  artist combines the genres of  hip hop, R & B, electro-pop, and dance to make tunes that will surely get you on your feet this summer and have you grooving, dancing, and gigging, simply enjoying the weather. The mixtape, released back in May of this year, exhibits Mike Taylor's synthesis of these music styles. Whether playing at a kick back BBQ or in an upscale club, his music will help press play on the summer heat!

Enjoy the two videos below, one for "Searchin for Summer" and his recently debuted video for "Perfect."

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