Friday, June 17, 2011

The ASFC Re-Porter on MR PORTER: All Black Everything

About several weeks ago, a friend and I enjoyed dinner at the quaint Cafe Cluny, tucked away in New York City's West Village. Waiting for our reservation, we walked along Bleecker street, stopping into  stores like Burberry, to pass the time. What captivated me the most, that made us enter Burberry, were the bags that were displayed in the window. There was nothing extremely special about them, except that I am a sucker for a great accessory.

I'm  constantly allured by what I call the 'finishing touch.' There is something about a quality made bag, a sleek pair of shoes, or a fun pair of sunglasses that really complete an outfit. In many ways, the accessory helps to elevate the overall look of an individual. And, almost every time I encounter a beautiful accessory in the window,  I will walk into the store, simply to gaze, touch and feel.

Oftentimes, people are concerned with what they are wearing, and there is no wrong in that, but, to me, that just scratches the surface of being fully styled. It is with the accessories that a man or a woman can put a personal twist on their look, which can carry the whole outfit. Think of an accessory as that 'pop of color' that shows the world your sense of taste, and that you care, all the way down to the details.

Quickly looking over the apparel on the main floor, my friend and I soon found ourselves downstairs, obsessing over several bags. Despite their varying shapes and styles, I was most attracted to the  fact that they were all black. There is something quite captivating about the color noir. Whether it represents a feeling of mystery or exudes sexy, I find black to be sophisticated and stylishly, tasteful for any occasion.

A fan of accessories, I selected bags from MR PORTER that illustrate this love for the noir beauty. 

ALFRED DUNHILL Bladon Leather Holdall Travel Bag $2,050

YVES SAINT LAURENT Coated Canvas Tote Bag $395

BILL AMBERG Canvas and Leather Backpack $365

ALFRED DUNHILL Chassis Leather Holdall Bag $1, 070

MULBERRY Barnaby Leather Messenger Bag $790

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