Monday, June 13, 2011

The ASFC Re-Porter on MR PORTER: Patriotic Pride

With the Fourth of July rapidly approaching, probably not faster than the heat wave that struck NYC in the last week, a sense of patriotism has inspired me. Although of Asian Pacific Island descent, I am American born by way of the sunny, west coast of California.

Growing up as a child, the Fourth of July was always an eventful time to spend with family. My brothers and I were always so excited to see the spectacle of colors during this time of the year. We knew as soon as the sun went down, the time was nearing when the night sky would become illuminated and come alive, transfixing our eyes for a mere twenty minutes, but feeling like an eternity of enchantment.

From what I can remember, my parents would drive us to a hillside in the neighboring city, where there was a small parking lot and a field of grass. Hundreds of people, who were clever enough to make this a viewing spot for the show, gathered. Parents, children, friends, and couples, alike, situated themselves upon the lawn. With blankets rolled out and cool beverages by our sides, a lot of time was spent bonding as we all waited patiently for the firework show to begin. 

A curious people watcher, even as a child, I would take a couple of minutes, every now and then, looking around at the surrounding crowd. I always noticed how everyone, at least back then, festively dressed for the occasion. Everyone wore their red, white, and blue proudly.

It felt like the whole country stopped to forget about their worries or troubles,  to simply celebrate the independence of our nation. It was as if on this day, a sense of comradery, the pride of our country,  and the idea of family were the only things that mattered to everyone. 

As time neared for the firework show to start, anticipation grew.  The noise slowly died and a calm swept the crowd. Then, it began. A blast went off and BOOM! Dark turned into light. All we could do was tilt our heads up and stare endlessly. It was fantastic! Colors of all sorts, soaring into the night sky, forming shapes in all directions. Smiles came over everyone as we gazed in awe.  Here we were, celebrating independence!

So, in the great American spirit, I chose some pieces from MR PORTER that will surely keep us males cool, while looking cool, this Fourth of July and all summer long. Let's hear it for the red, white, and blue (and maybe even the!

POLO RALPH LAUREN Custom Fit Pique Polo Shirt $75

MARGARET HOWELL MHL Relaxed Fit Cotton Shorts $240

HARTFORD Linen Bermuda Shorts $165

 CHUCS Positano Swim Shorts $230 & ORLEBAR BROWN Graphic Print Swim Shorts $215

CONVERSE Canvas Chuck Taylor Sneakers $45 & RIVIERAS Denim Slip-On Shoes $69

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